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Having been in the Manufacturing business for over 40 years, Lung Cheong has ample knowledge in manufacturing management and costing control. With the opening of our Changping factory, we have moved another level up in terms of capabilities. Our abilities include:
Plastic Injection
86 sets Injection Machine 60 - 360T, 8 sets Precision Injection Machine
10 Spray Lines with 280 spray stations. 1 Varnish Spray line. 4 sets Automatic Spray Machine. 66 sets Tempo Printing Machine
14 sets SMT Machine, 7 sets Bonding Machine, 2 sets Wave Soldering Machine, 3 sets Reflow Soldering Machine. Lead free and compatible with ROHS standard
49 Assembly Lines can accommodate 2000 people working at the same time. Production line equipped with a lot of automated production equipment and tools to improve production efficiency