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Lung Cheong, specializing in wireless toys and a leader in the sector, has thriven amidst competition and continued to derive strong revenue from sales of radio control, electronic and robotic toys.

With a history of over 40 years, Lung Cheong boasts strong research and development capabilities and a proven track record of developing and marketing a portfolio of successful products.  Our product designers and engineers will continue to work closely with our Original Equipment Manufacturing (“OEM”) customers on product development to strengthen our core OEM business.  At the same time, the Group will also actively grow its ODM and OBM business aiming for higher market shares and returns for the Group in the future.  We are confident of the bright prospects of the Group in the years to come.

C M Leung, Group Managing Director

The honorary events :


On September 2004 to September 2009, Mr. CM Leung was the vice-president for the 4th Council of Guangdong Provincial Toy Association & the 3rd council of Guangdong Toy Culture Economic Development Seminar


Mr. Leung Chung Ming, Managing Director of the Group, awarded the Outstanding Enterprise Award from China Toy Association.



Mr. CM Leung is a Changping Branch President of Dongguan City Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment from Deccember 21st 2010



Mr. CM Leung obtained the Fourth batch of Honorary Citizen of Dongguan City in 2011



Mr. CM Leung is the Vice-President of Dongguan City Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment from 2012.